Folders File Manager

Folders File Manager is designed for users who recently transitioned from a PC as well as for those who have always missed a tree-style file manager on their Mac.


Everything, uncluttered

Get everything you’d expect from a file manager, with the most used functions brought to the top.

Easy navigation

Familiar from other operating systems, the folder tree feels right where it belongs.

Comprehensive undo

Undo any file operation including replacements and folder mergers.

Expandable, rearrangeable favorites

Not just shortcuts to follow, but fully interactive expandable folders right in the Favorites section.

Universal app

Runs natively on Apple Silicon.

Lifetime license

One-time purchase with no ads or subscriptions.

→ Four consistently behaving views (Icons, List, Table, Gallery)

→ Multiple windows and tabs

→ Convenient access to your Home and iCloud Drive folders

→ Quick Look

→ Cut via Bin ( ⌘ X )

→ Multiple color tags, text tags, star rating, image pixel size

→ File changes shown in bold

→ Recent files

→ Folder symlink traversal in the tree

→ Open files with Return key

→ Create an empty (blank) file

→ Compare file properties on conflicts during copy/move

→ Discover and mount network shares

→ Audio and video playback

→ Touchbar support

→ Looks nice, feels nice

→ Try Folders for free with a fully functional 14-days trial period

For the full list of features, see Version History and User’s Guide.

Folders is made to feel familiar for newcomers and to look unmistakably Mac.

  • Light theme, tabs, Favorites, Table view, changes shown in bold

  • Dark theme, Favorites, Table view, large preview and EXIF metadata in Info panel, Star Rating in the sidebar

  • Light theme, tabs, remembered Gallery view, file traits, EXIF metadata in Info panel, Tags in the sidebar

  • Dark theme, List view, hidden files, audio player in Info panel

  • Light theme, tabs, Favorites, List view, Search, video player in Info panel

  • Dark theme, Icons view, file traits, context menu showing file operations

  • Light theme, tabs, remembered Gallery view, file comparison on copy conflict

  • Dark theme, Gallery view, built-in video player