Folders File Manager


Why do I need to grant browsing permissions?

Immediately after the first launch, Folders will present you with a window to choose the browsing locations. macOS will grant Folders access only to the locations you choose directly. This means that if Folders does not have access to a specific folder on your computer, such folder will appear empty in the app, or not appear at all.

If you want to be able to use Folders in the manner you use Finder, i.e. to be able to browse all of your computer folders and files, you need to grant Folders access to your primary hard drive which is usually called “Macintosh HD”.

For more information and examples of usage, see User’s Guide.

How do I revoke or change browsing permissions?

From the “File” menu, select “Reset Browsing Permissions”. All the currently open windows will close, all previously given permission revoked, and you will be able to grant new permissions according to your needs.

After my free trial expires, will I be aumotically charged for the full version?

NO. After your trial period comes to an end, you will see the purchasing information window once again, so that you can decide for yourself. The App Store will not charge you for the full version without your express will.

How can I add a folder shortcut to the left sidebar?

You cannot add any custom elements to the top level of the tree beside those listed in “Folders > Settings... > Sidebar”. Instead, you may use the “Add to Favorites” menu item with your frequently used folder and optionally enable the “Folders > Settings... > Tree Options > Favorites expanded by default” checkbox. The resulting shortcut will not just be clickable (like in other file managers) but also fully interactive and expandable.

Can I reset the columns in the Table View?

Right-click on the table’s header. In the context menu, select “Reset columns”. The columns’ visibility, order, and width will be reset to their initial values.

Will there be more features available?

Right now there are around 20 additional features planned for future releases, and the list is not getting any shorter thanks to the ideas I get from the users. You may expect Folders to grow steadily over time.

When will you implement the Columns view?

The Columns view, similar to that found in Finder, contradicts the folder tree because it offers a parallel way to navigate the filesystem. I cannot see how the Columns view could be seamlessly integrated into Folders.

If you have any feature suggestions, you are more than welcome to drop me a letter.